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Recently Viewed Just for Ponies

In-Hand Bridle
Our Price: $199.95
In-Hand Bridle
English Bridle Leather & Solid Brass Hardware
Show your pony to it's best advantage with these beautifully constructed, finely detailed in-hand bridles. They're made from Sedgwick bridle leather - some of the best quality English leather available for the equestrian market. The hardware is solid brass from England and is set off against the dark Havana leather.

Made in the traditional style with the finest craftsmanship, the bridle includes a brass clincher browband and a raised, fancy stitched noseband. The crown is 1" and the cheek pieces and throat latch are 1/2''. The noseband and throat latch have buckle closures on each side. Normally, a stallion bit or a brass-ringed nylon bit is used with these bridles. For the finishing touch, add a set of brass rosettes. Bit and rosettes are sold separately.

We have two standard sizes - Section A and Section B. We have parts to modify each of these sizes, so for the best fit, send us your pony's measurements as described in Fitting Information for in-hand bridles.

Bridle Size:

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In-Hand Leather Lead
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In-Hand Leather Lead
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Brass  Bridle Rosettes
Brass Bridle Rosettes
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In-Hand Nylon & Brass Bit
In-Hand Nylon & Brass Bit 3.5'', 3.75", 4'', 4.25'', 4.5'', 4.75'', 5''
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $24.95
Save: $5.00 (17 %)
In-Hand Nylon & Brass Bit 3.5'', 3.75", 4'', 4.25'', 4.5'', 4.75'', 5''
Made In England - Available in Seven Sizes

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